Company Profile

As a dynamic leader with a clear focus and vision for the future. Mr. N. VASUDEVAN planned to establish the Air Conditioners Company in the name of Fujipure Air Conditioning India (P) Ltd. 15 Years of Experience in air conditioning field. More than 30,000 customers in Tamil Nadu. Initially Fujipure Air Conditioners imported from Malasiya. Already Extablished 28 Countries in the World. 50 different models with capacities ranging from home use to commercial and industrial air conditioners. Fujipure has built a high reputation for offering sophisticated, efficient, powerful and reliable airconditioners

         Mr.N.VASUDEVAN was able to do all this due to his extensive experience in the technical field and his exposure to the business world. He gained his experience from working at various levels right from office assistant to Technician to senior Technician and later to Marketing Executive and Finally to Managing Director of his own Company. This gave him the advantage of having technical Expertise, Marketing Skills and Managerial abilities all of which helps him to run Fujipure Airconditioning India (P) Ltd with skillful case and confidence.

         Mr.N.VASUDEVAN has over the year managed to build up an extensive network of contact, a crucial Factor in the success of all the companies under the Fujipure Group. This together with his business acumen and Dynamic leadership qualities allows him to run Fujipure Group as Successful Business enterprise.

         Fujipure is committed to the quality of works performance and provided a strong customers support. Fujipure has engaged more than 30 well trained skillful technicians to serve the clients. Our technicians are committed to their works and they take customers benefit as first priority which they have provided a long term service to the company.