Cassette Model Split Air Conditioners

A ceiling-embeded cassette type air conditioner has a driving fan, a heat exchanger, a cabinet, and a deflector. An air is controlled to have desired temperature and humidity while passing the driving fan and the heat exchanger. The cabinet and the heat exchanger define a fluid channel guided to exhaust ports between the cabinet and the heat exchanger. The deflector extends straight and inclined to the heat exchanger, so as to enable the air to smoothly flow toward the exhaust ports without a secondary air-flow. By the fluid channel, the quantity of blown-air is increased with the same motor while the noise is reduced with the same quantity of blown-air. Consequently, the performance and the efficiency of the air conditioner are improved.

         The White Swan Series are systems using a cassette indoor unit. These kind of indoor units are typical for build in a ceiling, to be a part of the ceiling. The design of these units are up to date and there are three kind of indoor units: one way air flow, two way air flow and four way air flow. Available Model

         1) R410a DC Inverter series, cooling capacity: 12K Btu to 48K Btu;

         2) R410a On/off series ,cooling capacity: 12k Btu to 48K Btu;

         3) R22 On/off series 50Hz,cooling capacity: 18k Btu to 48K Btu;

         4) R22 On/off series 60Hz, cooling capacity: 18K Btu to 60K Btu. Good looking and space saving Compact design and save space; the panel looks elegant, like a white swan flying on the sky.

         5) Wide field cooling With a wide swing angle design, the flippers help cooling or heating a bigger area from the ceiling to floor, like the wings of white swan. You just enjoy the cool or warm life every corner of the room. High tech support The high technologies guarantee a good working of this air conditioner system: 1) High efficiency; 2) Low noise during operation; 3) Drain discharge water pump (standard); 4) Soft starter kit (optional); 5) Wired remote control (optional);

         6) Specific filter systems (optional);

         7) Galvanized steel cabinet for outdoor unit(optional)