Ductable Air Conditioners

Air conditoning cleans and dehumidifies (removes excess moisture) from the air. It also has the task of keeping the air at the temperature you select. Most people think the air conditioning systems job is to add "cold" air to the room. Actually, there is no such thing as "cold," just an absence of heat, or less heat than our bodies are comfortable with. The job of the air conditioning system is really to "remove" the heat that makes us uncomfortable, and return the air to the room in a "un-heated" condition. Air conditioning, or cooling, is really a process of removing heat from an object (like air). Your air conditioners compressor circulates a liquid refrigerant called Refrigerant-12 "Freon,". The air conditioners compressor moves the Refrigerant-12 from an evaporator, through a condenser and expansion valve, right back to the evaporator. The evaporator is right in front of a fan that pulls the hot, humid air out of the room. The refrigerant makes the hot air's moisture condense into drops of water, removing the heat from the air. Once the water is removed, the "cool" air is sent back into the room.

         1) Ultra quiet design

         2) Compact design

         3) Flexible and convenient for installation.

         4) International famous brand compressor

         5) High efficient heat exchanger

         6) Advanced microcomputer control

         7) Rotary or scroll compressor depending on capacity

         8) Multi-safety protection function9. Cooling capacities from 5. 0kw to 15. 0kw10. 220v / 1ph/ 50hz/60hz or 380V / 3ph / 50Hz/60hz power supply

         Advanctage: Because of the mini design, it is very convenient to instanllation. It can be widely used in commerical and residential places. With the features of high efficient, economical, healthy and comfortable, it must be your ideal choice for your better life.

         USE: Air source heat pump could be used as water heater, floor heater and radiator, could be both cooling & heating function.